Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wow~ It's been about 3 Month ...
I have been MIA for about 3-months. Time passes incredibly fast and my vacation/working trip back to Malaysia has come to the end 2 days ago. I came back to Dallas at 28th May and I have slept most of the time.

I had such great time in Malaysia, being with my family, friends. If you asked me what my ideal lifestyle would be, I would tell you that I wish to spend 1/4 of year time in Malaysia and the rest at US with hubby. I know John will give me a big NO NO but if I have a choice, that will be something I WANT!!!

It hurts me badly everytime when I see my parents after months separation and it is very obvious that they have grown older each time, especially my dad. One of the reasons why I had to go back to Malaysia this time of the year is to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday. John came join me 6 weeks later and we had a wonderful dinner. I wish my dad did enjoy himself very much and I am looking forward to celebrating his 70th birthday.

Hmmm, what else?! Oh ya, I had a Macau trip with Samantha and LingZie. It was funnier than I expected and I definitely want to go back there for a visit again if I got the chance. The weather, those casinos, those foods... yummy!!!

Also, I met up with my dearest cousin Fleur and Doris since many many years ago. Eventhough we did not hang out as much as we wish, those are totally quality time that I enjoyed very much. I wish to see them again next year and we might do something together. Maybe a short trip to somewhere? Sssshhhhhh... can't let John knows about this plan as he will complain about me always leaving him at Dallas all by himself. Well, it is not easy for me to come all the way to US to marry him to be with him, no? I really wish he could understand why I wish to go home that often to be with my family and friends. Things might change in the future and right now, I do want to go home as frequent as I want.

There are many pictures to share here and most of them I have already loaded up to Facebook. I will try to upload those pictures in the next post. You know what, next post will be the 500th post. Wow, I blogged alot no? hahahaha... not good enough I know.

For knitting, I think I only knitted few rows all the time while I was in Malaysia. Too busy and no mood to knit at all. But soon enough I will pick up my knitting needles again. Stay tune for the next post with photos k?! hugsss...