Monday, April 23, 2007

I am having fun~
Very sorry for the long absence from my beloved blog. I am still at Malaysia at this moment and soon enough, I mean its REALLY SOON, I will be flying back to Texas ---- Next monday 30th. To summarise this lovely journey, I want to tell you girls that I do enjoy myself to the fullest!!! ONE of the reasons why I dint blog is because my brother's pc got virus infected!!! Its just very annoying. I couldnt blog and upload pictures. I only able to check mails thats all.
Too many things to share with you gals la~ Just too many nice stuff to talk about. But... you believe or not, I havent visited to my favourite local yarn shop yet!!! haha, I guess, I want to save the best to the LAST. I plan to go this coming wednesday.
I abled to met up with few knitters weeks ago and thats such wonderful night. I received some sweet and perfect gifts from Rain, Mira and Mable. They are just toooo sweet!!! Thanks lot gals!
I am actually waiting for my friend to pick me up now to go for dinner!!! We are going to MAMAK store and have some delicious local food. Well, I still think Malaysia has the BEST food in the world!!! haha~ Of course, I havent been on the weighing scale for SOME TIMES and I dont plan to do that any time sooner! =)
Just wanna shout out here to let you gals know that I do enjoy my trip!!! I really really do!!! and of course, I do miss my loving hubby in Texas!!! John, just another week I will be back to my duty, in the kitchen cooking dinner for you! ha~ be patient!