Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Final piece before I fly

I completed this garment as scheduled. But too bad, Nina is busy and she can't model this tank. So I will bring this tank with me back to Malaysia and make my best friend Samantha to model it. haha~ Can't wait to see how it shows on my new model. I picked up the armhole stitch knit a round and bind off. I did the same thing at the neck band edge as well. I spent time to complete the finishing slowly and patiently this time.

I think one of the main challenges in knitting is the finishing and seaming. I always wish to improve in the sleeves n shoulder seaming. There is this book, Finish Techniques for Hand Knitters by Sharon Brant. I am thinking of getting it, but the review for this book in amazon is limited though.

24hrs later, I will be in the flight heading EAST back to Malaysia and... I havent started packing yet! yeahh~ I am a very last minute bug. But there are not much things to take home. Just clothes, some knitting books, yarns, shoes... wow! seems like the list could go on and on!!! I will do that LATER! Still need to go to the store and get some lotion for my mummy.

This is a 1-month trip. Main purpose is to see my family and friends (eventhough I only left them for 4 months ) and I need to plan for my wedding at the end of this year. John and I registered in Tx at Dec, 2005 but we don't have the wedding banquet yet. In this trip, I will have to look for the church, banquet venue, photographer... And budget!!! Need to work on this definitely. What a hectic huge project! Luckily Samantha and Daph are there for me. They have already gathered some nice info. Still, the very first thing, is to get my mom to choose a GOOD DAY from the lunar calender. I guess 17th of Nov is a good day because one of my primary schoolmates is having his wedding that day. Aaaarrrrhhh... too many things to do lah!!!

I will enjoy this trip, eat all my favorite foods there~ Sing karaoke till dawn with buddies! Shop for nice and cheap shoes... ANDDDD... shop for YARN as well!!! Ladies, bye for now and very SOON you will see my model in this high collar tank in next post! * sayorana *