Monday, March 26, 2007

Blocking Process
Three more days I will be leaving back to Malaysia for my vacation~ Woo hoo! And the high collar tank is in progress. I just blocked them an hour ago. So I can seam it up tomorrow and have the collar completed as well!

I always get so excited at the blocking stage for all my knitting projects. They will show you their " True Face " at this stage, after all the hardworks you have done and this make you feel that everything is worth it.

It says:" look at my waist, it is sexy!" haha~

I love the neck line details, and can't wait to make the collar! I think I made good decrease stitches in this lace pattern! Seems like the lace pattern merges well with the ribbing stitches.

In this coming trip, I will bring some cotton yarn home with me. I really have to start knitting a top for my dearest mummy. She wants something long sleeves, slightly waist -shaped top! Hmmm... Will let her choose a lace pattern first, then I will work out the whole pattern for her.

I wanna cast on something new!!! And hopefully I can knit it in the plane way home! But I was not allowed to have my needles up the plane last time. Mean people! Some ladies said bamboo needles are alright and I have to try my luck this time. Its a long long trip back to Malaysia. I will transit at Korea after 13 hrs flight from Dallas Fort worth. And it takes another 7 hrs from Korea to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. hmmm... Because of love, I come to another side of earth to be with this man! Because of love...