Monday, March 19, 2007

Blood vomit...
Very frustrated, upset and blood-vomitting!!! Something terrible happened. Guess what, the Siena Petunia I ordered online arrived finally. And... well, look at the pictures and let them speak to you.

Do you see what I see gals?

Yes, there is difference in the colors dear. This Siena Petunia is a discontinued yarn. I just couldnt get the same dye lot anywhere. So I tried my luck and... disapointingly, the color tone is so much different. Its no way I can blend in these 2 balls to complete a blouse. So, what can I do? I just have to frog what I have knitted before. Probably I will make 2 tanks using these 8 balls of Petunia. Too sad! Can't make anything for myself.

Anyway, Ta Dah~~~ Its time to reveal my cable garment! I named it Classic Cable Tube so now you have an idea how it would look like. haha~ What do you think about it? Do you like it? =)

As you can see, this tube can be worn 2ways. You can upside down it. I made a eyelet twisted ribbing at the edge and I am quite pleased with it. Hmm... overall its a sweet tube. I love the yarn and pattern. I dint make any decrease at waist but the blocking did a pretty good job in shaping up the waist. Also, I completed another tank. I named it Greece Fairy Tank. A simple design by me. Its in a eyelet lace pattern and it comes with crocheted straps. I used acrylic/polyamide yarn for this project and I iron-steamed it at the final stage. The tank turned out very soft. Its too bad that I dont know how to write a PDF file yet, or else I could share this pattern with those are interested. I really should learn writting out the pattern.