Sunday, March 04, 2007

oo~ siena siena!
This is the first time I try Jaeger Siena 4 ply cotton yarn. I dont think I have the exact word to describe how much I LOVE this yarn. I bought these yarn at Dec when the sales on in my LYS. They only had 6 balls that time and I got them all. The recommended needle use are 2.75-3 mm. But I am using 3.5mm instead. Honestly, I dont have the exact pattern of what I am knitting now. I just chose a lace pattern, then started with a 2x2 ribbing. So far I am at 6" long. I changed needle to 3.25mm at the 5" onwards to get a slight shapely waist. Oh~ I really love this yarn! Its 423 Petunia. Very shine, bright plum pink purpleish colour. And the simple pattern I chose is great too. I love them I love them I love them!

But... 6 balls are definitely not enough to knit a short sleeves top FOR ME!!! So, I do hope my LYS still keep the same yarn with same dye lot. Probably need to get another 3 balls. Well, its expensive yarn but the quality is really there. I think spoiling myself with some fine yarn like this once a while is not too bad! Even John thinks they are great colour and great yarn!

I ordered some merino style 100% wool from knitpicks months ago. Wanted to knit a baby blanket for one of my high schoool friends. His first baby is due on May. But... I have changed my mind though, I am thinking of knitting a cable or maybe lace pattern shrug with it! I personally think this yarn is good! Very soft! Fun to knit with! I have 5 balls of it! Each one is 50g in 132 m? Still need to figure out what I want to knit.

I have completed one tank top actually. I blocked it and it is still lying elegantly on the carpet. I used a cotton yarn which I bought from hobby-lobby. 100g - 200m for $4.49. Good price and the quality is not bad too. And there are variety of colours as well. You might find the yarn is a bit hard when you are knitting, but it turns out softer after blocking. I will tell the name of the yarn when I post the tank, I am too lazy to go to my yarn stash and look at the name! Forgive me ! hehe!

By the way, have any one of you who participate in sp10 already got your matched pal? I signed in few weeks ago but I havent received any reply yet. I will have the questionaire up in next post.