Thursday, March 01, 2007

I've been knitting... almost NON-STOP
oo... been absent from this blog for a while. Where have I been? I go no where but stay at sweet home and knit all the day. I have knitted many things. You know why? the reason is... I have set up my very own small shop online, selling those delicacy knitting stuff. Its actually a suggestion from my sister-in law. John is being very supportive in this. They both agree that I should do it since I love knitting that much and I spend most of the time now in knitting. So... I have been busy looking at patterns around, pick the right thing to knit. I have knitted some tops in small size, and get Nina to be my model! =) Its such a fun knitting small size garment, which I can complete it in shorter time and definitely lesser yarn is used.

I have completed the bandeau I mentioned before with some minor modification at the edge. I have knitted a halter with the left cotton yarn (3 balls) which I knitted my blue lacey top before. I also knitted and crocheted some accessories = ponytail holders... felted bags.... Many ideas in my mind, I will try to knit them OUT in coming times.

Its the time to share some pictures with you all. And pretty soon, I will start knitting something for myself and my mom! But i need to order some yarn online first!

Are you asking me how many thing I have sold so far? hehe~ I sold ONE thing. The pink shrug I made! It really feels great!!!

Crocheted Ponytail holders

Crocheted button Pouch

Polka-dot felted bag. Pink yarn dint really felt good!

Sweet Nina modeling the sweet cotton halter and bandeau