Friday, December 29, 2006

Its really been a while......
I wanna make this a long blog because its really been a while that I dint write much about my knitting, my life. Well, I have been in the state for a almost a month. And I would like to share my thought, my feeling here with everyone who reads my blog. I believe most of the readers are knitters or my close friends. My dearest friends do miss me alot from home Malaysia and they do wonder how I am doing here. I am doing great. Just had a wonderful Christmas with Johns family, well also my family now! Thats really some sweet quality family time spent. Remember the purple wool sweater I knitted for my MIL? She finally had it at this Christmas and she wore it on Christmas day. You cant believe how pretty it fits on her. I should have taken some pictures. So much compliments about that sweater and I want to knit more for my family. =)
I have completed the simple pullover and it is now in my wardrobe. The weather is just not COLD enough to wear that yet ( excuse, excuse!!! ) haha! I have decided to keep it for myself. And now, what is in my current knitting list? Ok, before I list that out, I wanna tell you all that I have knitted another pair of Socks! ta da !!! I used the green wool yarn from my SP9 ---> Laughing poodle. I picked a free pattern from internet and you know what... I am getting more n more interested in knitting socks!!! At least, I can tell you, there are at least another 3 pair of socks that I am going to knit! Yeahhhhh ! Thats how the greenie sock looks on my feet!!! Thanks Laughing poodle, you are the reason WHY I gave socks knitting another try! And I know I fall in love with it already!

So... I am knitting a lacey blouse. Its a pattern from knitting mag Rebbecca No.31. Its called Lacey Wrap Jacket. I modified it abit. I have the front piece altered to a deep-V instead of 2-half piece. I am using Cotton Patine yarn 100% cotton, using circular needle 3.75mm. I have completed the back piece and had started the front piece yesterday. I wanna finish it in 2 weeks time. Haha... I can definitely complete it in a week but at the same time, I am busy with other project too! Well, you will know what I am talking about after you read the whole blog. Come and have a look at my Lacey cotton blouse. Do you like it?

I found out another LYS near my house and paid it a visit last week. To improve my socks knitting skill, I bought a set of clover 2.75mm DPN and 2 balls of chilli RED cotton yarn. This time, I pick a socks pattern from called monkey socks. This designer makes many many sweet socks and I have so much fun knitting it. I dont do good at the heel pick- up part, I wanna improve in this! Arrrrgggg... I always end up have some holes at the heels. Arrrrrgggg! You can see the lace pattern right? I want to wear this at the first day of Chinese new year! Woo hooo!!!

My hubby get me a gift card from my favourite LYS as christmas gift. And you know what, this shop is actually having annual sales 2 days ago till end of this month. So, I RUSHED there the first day and picked up some yarns out there. Haha... the yarn still can be very expensive. I save up some bullet for this Saturday. I will go back tomorrow and get more more more YARNS! There will be 30% discount for all yarn. How many can I have? I gotta show my hubby my puppy eyes so he will spoil me with more yarn!!! Thats why, I really need to start looking for a job so I can spoil myself by getting any yarn I want!!! After picked up some yarn, its the time you get busy with picking up the pattern! That can be very frustrating too!

The green lace weight yarn is what I bought from Ebay. They are real fine yarn and I think I will knit a shawl with it. And the grey sockyarn will become a pair of comfortable socks for my hubby. I will pick up a simple pattern for him. The pink wool n alpaca yarn, I want to knit myself a sweater!!! I have chosen a pattern from the and I dont think I got enough yarn though. Will get 2 more balls tomorrow. Now you know why I am so busy, happy with my knitting life now. Just too much to have fun with!!! And my SP9 spoiler Laughing poodle spoiled me with more stuffs!!! She got me another skein of pretty skein of sockyarn! Look at what she got me! And dont be jealous! haha... I just love it love it! come on, everyone needs some spoiling!

I have finally sent out the sweet package to my sp9 today. Bet shes been waiting long! haha, soo sorry Mary. The package will be there some times next week. Hope you will like them ok? Lets have a great new year, Happy new year to everyone!!!

For me, I have so many things to take care of since I am a new alien in this country. Tooo many things to deal with. I am happy that I have a understanding n patient ( most of the time) hubby to do all these with me. I need a driving license, I need a social security number, I need to find out my pharmacy stuff, I need to find out ...... TONS OF THINGS!!! sigh...Chin up and MOVE ON !!! God bless me !!! And... cant wait to plan for the trip back home to see my love ones there.