Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sock-knitting day~
Its the LAST annual sale day of my LYS today. 8am - 4pm. I automatically woke up at 8.25am this morning and found myself hard to fall asleep anymore eventhough I slept at 2am. hehe. I know something is calling me from far away ( my favourite LYS ). So... I woke up my hubby after 15mins failed trying to fall asleep and amazingly he woke up and patiently drove me there. I am blessed with this loving hubby (most of the time). But mind you, he can be very hot-tempered sometimes. But... He does spoil me a lot. So John waited me in the car and I happily hopped in the shop. You know what, there were MORE than 100 women were hunting their yarn in the shop. Everyone had this big smile on their face, walking around with a big plastic bag. I really understand there is really nothing happier than buying GREAT DISCOUNTED yarn for a knitter. I wanted to get some cotton yarn THATS IT. I told myself. And I am such a good girl today. Because I left the shop with 6 JAEGER siena cotton yarn and a set of 2.25mm DPN ( to make more nice socks ). I believed I took more than half an hour to choose the only cotton yarn. And amazingly AGAIN, John dint complain. =) It just made me jealous seeing those women buying bags and bags of yarn. I told myself again, I will spoil myself like this at next year annual sales. By that time, I should have a job and a car. Yeah, bags n bags of yarn!!!
So, I worked on my red monkey the whole last night and I completed it this morning (just one, not a pair). What a nice and sweet sock I have made myself. And there is no HOLE on it! Wooo Hoooo! A big credit and thank for the designer Cookies. Terima Kasih -- thank you in malay. REd... wear it during chinese new year.

I tried so hard to pick a pattern to knit John a pair of socks. I knitted him a black-grey stripe socks last year and he loves it alot. I showed him few lace pattern WHICH i think its not too feminine or girlish. But he said:" Knit me the simple pattern socks! I dont want those!" I really dont want to knit something like ribbed socks so I knit him a simple checked pattern socks with the grey sockyarn I bought few days ago, using 2.25mm DPN. Show you the progress of it here. I've been non-stop knitting on socks these 2 days. I enjoy it!

what do you think about this checked pattern? John likes it.