Thursday, December 14, 2006

Almost Ready!
I have completed one sleeves and impatiently I sewed it up. haha~ It is a bulky sweater and I know I will look BIG in it (well, I am already BIG! haha!) I wanna complete this simple sweater and make no excuse to stop half way eventhough its not a fashionable garment! I started another sleeves this morning. I expect to have everything done in 3 days time! Most probably I will run out of yarn for the turtle neck part. Have to make my hubby take me to Jo-Ann and get one more skein. I promise that I will wear it at least FIVE times IF I really dont like it when its done!! So, its almost ready to be in my closet for this winter! First sweater ever for myself! My hubby even suggested to give it away as christmas gift IF i really dont like it! But I know i will still keep it in my closet!

And...Finally I have chosen some yarn for my secret pal! I really think she will like it! =) Everything is on the living room carpet ready to be packed to send off! I just wish to add some more small things! I wont load up any picture here because my secret pal knows about this blog. So, I will only post up the picture of the package when my dear Mary receive the package! woo hoo~

At the same time, my spoiler of SP9 did send me a small package. It was here before I arrived US. I opened it up once I arrived home. My dear laughing poodle spoiled me with 2 balls of wool yarn which come in my favourite colours GREEN n PURPLE!!! She suggests to knit some socks or felt a bag with the yarn. I think I will go for the socks knitting! Its on my to-do list now. Besides the yarn, she got me a set of sweet cards + envelope as well. There is a alphabet "K" on the cover of the each different designed cards. "K" ---- > KitMan~ =) Thats my name! Thanks so much dear Laughing Poodle! And and and, I have some kisses milk chocolate. Its not in the picture because I ate them all already! She got me a roll of sweet ribbon as well! Take a look at the cute poodle picture on the package. I really thats cute!!! Excitingly to tell you all, there is still another package on the way from my spoiler!!! So... more to share with you all ! =)