Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Casting on again! More to come !
With the long time separation, I am with my hubby again finally! Few days time to settling down, and adapt to the cold weather. I started knitting again 2 days ago. I really think I need a new nice warm sweater for coming Christmas! I wanna knit a simple turtle neck sweater but I chose a bright purple colour for this project. I got the yarn from Joo-Ann. Its wool + acrylic + mohair yarn. I have completed the front side today and cant wait to start the back. I went to a better yarn shop as well, bought some nice cotton yarn. And also the Rebecca Spring 2006 magazine. Its a great magazine with so many good projects within. I have actually chosen a project to knit with the blue cotton yarn that I just bought. I think I will cast on this weekend.