Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Finally... I will be HOME!
I had my final interview with the embassy last week and I got the visa today. And I have my ticket flying back to my hubby on coming Monday! And thats the reason why I dint update any knitting news for past month as I am so busy gathering all the documentations for interview, doing medical check up.... looking for flight tickets... And finally finally, I know exactly when I will be on my way home!!!
I have been away from my Hubby since 22nd of Jan and now we are going to be in each other arms again! And I know that will be sooo incredible moments ! Cant wait cant wait!
I dint knit any for past month since the Liatris Sam. But today, I went to my favourite yarn shop and bought myself a new nice lace pattern book! 250 new patterns within! Definitely will knit some when I got back to State and I can have a nice sweater for christmas!!!!