Tuesday, October 17, 2006

what a day !!!
It was a very wonderful morning, my cab was late for an hour but this dint annoy me! My mood was still very good,emotion well- undercontrolled. Until...... I found that my cellphone LOST! Wait a minute, I did use my cellphone at work, I did talk to my darling... and.. I remembered I put it on the table.. WHy ? Why its gone now??? It was not a very busy day, not too many customers around but its quite hard for me to figure out WHO STEAL it.
I been using this phone since 2002. 4 years.. ITs a lousy NOKIA 8310. But honestly, I love using it and dint bother at all to spend any money to buy high-tec cellphone. I just cant believe its gone now and no longer with me. Why ??? It doesnt cost anything nowadays and Why people still wanna STEAL it??? I have lots and lots precious messages in it. Many many important numbers...
Anyway, rewind the CCTV, it shown clearly that a stupid drug- addict STOLE IT ( he was there to buy needle n syringe ). I tried calling when i found its lost and no one picked up the phone. But the stupid moron picked up when my friend called 30mins later. He asked for at least RM100 then only he will return the phone. And I decided not to give a damn. I suspend the line service and plan to get a new sim card with my old number. And I will be using the 2nd hand cellphone from my boss..sigh... Why ? why ? Its very frustrating when your cellphones gone ---- > this is the first incident which DARKEN my day! * sucks *
2nd thing is..... I still have another 6 rows to complete the liatris sam AND... I am running out of YArn!!! Frustring enough huh??!!! Yes.. I need to buy another ball just to knit another short 6 rows at the neckline! Aaahh.. eeerrr.. I cant pass it to Sam tomorrow!

So.. the mission for tomorrow will be
1) Issue a new sim card and get back some important numbers
2) Buy another ball FIRST and decide later will use the same yarn for other projects or not!