Friday, October 20, 2006

slow slow progress!
I have decided to make a shawl with the fern-leave crochet pattern. I know it will come out nice as well but I really wish I could complete it in the original cardigan. There are actually 4 different crochet patterns to make up the whole pattern. 2 of them are just too complicated. So all this while I been crochetting another 2 simple ones. Thats what showed in the picture below.

To make a nice and big shawl, I really need to do tons of this! I have no any other knitting/crochet projects on hand, so i can concentrate in finishing it! GAM BA TEH! So everyone, have a look at how many I have exactly made so far~ haha... WAY TO GO !

This the complete Liatris Sam! I will meet Sam tomorrow and will take some pics when she tries this on! Its real sweet and elegant! And it proves again how much I love lace pattern! =)