Sunday, October 15, 2006

I cant finish it! =(

aaahh.. I want to finish it by 16th but seems like its a impossible mission now. Sorry Sam, I cant give it to you as a present on your big day! I only complete 75% of it! sorry sorry!!! But It is a sweet piece I know Sam will like it! Going to knit one for myself but no idea what colour yet and definitely will be using cotton yarn! woo hoo!!!
Was thinking what to be my next project and I really wish I could knit something with mohair laceweight yarn. Something loose... sexy... lacey sweater! Will search for pattern soon.
And I want to confess... I dint crochet any lately! aaahh ahhh ahhhh..well well well, I should admit that I dont think I will crochet the cardigan, but might change it to a poncho or shawl! Not a bad idea at all right ? hehe !