Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Love for my Mom~

I always wanted to knit one blouse for my lovely mom and finally, I am confident enough to make one for her.
Most of the people do say I look like my mom alot. I agree with that actually. I used to be very afraid of my mom when I was little. She was so strict and always has high expectation in me and my brother. Now, we are grown adult and we really appreciate the way my mom raised us up.
This is a very little thing that I can do for my mom. I know she will like this blouse a lot~ She will wear it proudly and show off to her friend about this blouse from her daugther , me !

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A great meet up with other knitters~

It was a great meet up with some other knitters from the knitting community and I am looking forward to the next meet up and hopefully by then I can have a knit along project with them. Here are some pictures which taken during the meet up by Mona and Sally. Thank you ladies!
Some updates on my knitting life...

I am back to Malaysia for almost 3 months and all this while I keep my hand busy on yarn work. I have knitted myself a cotton japanese pattern blouse with a big square colar last month and now I am half way through the second piece blouse which is made for my lovely mom. At this moment, I am very excited cant wait to start my another new project.

My college good friend Penny bought me some yarns from Melbourne when she was back there to attend her master graduation ceremony. She got me some nice color acrylic yarns and I think I will just make a simple top with it. As you can see from the pic, dont you think its sweet n fabulous?