Tuesday, October 03, 2006

sweet bolero!

This is a quick one! I dont think i spend more than 5 days to complete it. It came out exactly the way i want! Its amazingly sweet! woohooo~ * 0 *
I initially chose a lace pattern out of a pattern magazine, then I tried writting the whole pattern with helps from my SI FU (master). You know what, I really like this colour and I think it goes well with the black ribbon as well! Actually is the left over Peony yarn which i used to knit FBS. I just used 2 balls of Peony to complete this bolero! Cheap and Sweet!

haha... yes.. I just love it too much so I coulnt stop posing in front of the camera. Well, just share this happiness with me k? I try to concentrate on Liatris Sam and Fern-leave... Try so hard not to eye on any other PATTERN... Try so hard not to buy any YARN.. hold back hold back and hold back! hahaha... I really wanna complete the Fern-leave...