Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am quite rush! Gambateh!
Yes, I have started another 2 projects right after I have completed the simple black. With the left yarn Peony ( 3 balls +), I simply designed a short sleeves cardigan/bolero for myself. I choose a lace pattern from a pattern book and now I have made about 60% of it. I need to get another ball because I want to crochet the edge of it. This yarn material is quite light and hopefully it comes out good! Here is the picture. I still have another 2 sleeves to go!

At the same time, I am knitting a sleeveless top for my deary friend Samantha. Her birthday is coming soon and this is a pattern which she chosen. I am about to complete the front piece. Its quite hard to follow the lace pattern since I have to do difficult stitch at the wrong side instead of simple purl only. After repeating the pattern for the second time, I can remember the pattern quite well now. Just abit confusing at the neck line shape-up part, will go to the yarn shop and get help from my SI FU ( master in cantonese ). This is a pattern from a Jap magazine named Let's Knit Series. Will confirm with you all which issue it is k!

Well, I dint forget my Fern-leave, I still crochet some when I am tired of knitting. And what i worried about now is, I couldnt finish the fern-leave as I THINK I COULD fly back to state anytime in Nov. Believe me, this crochet project is a very complicating task, but the good thing is, so far I still wanna complete it soo much. Not thinking of quiting at all! Good news!