Thursday, March 08, 2007

I feel like knitting a cable vest. So... I start one!
John worked from home today and he took me to the LYS for a quick visit during his lunch time. The main purpose to go there was to get another 2 more balls of Jaeger Siena Petunia. As what I have already expected, I left the yarn shop with empty hands. The owner told me most probably Jaeger has discontinued this colour so the only option for me is to get them from internet. So I did. I ordered from ebay with reasonable price and of course they will be in different dye lot. Cross my finger the colour better be close to those I bought. or else...... Dont even want to think about that at all!

So you are surprised that I dint buy any yarn from LYS today? I really had behaved well. Actually... the fact is... haha~ I bought " some " last week. I bought 6 balls of Brown sheep nature spun in grey colour. They are 100% wool, sport weight. Very soft and nice color. And.. with unbeatable price!!! $3.50 per ball!!! 50gram- 184 yards. Suggested needle use is #5. 6 balls will be enough for me to make a nice top! And... I received 10 balls of Knitpicks Telemark 100% wool this afternoon. They are in cool black color. I ordered them like few days ago. Hmmm... not as soft as I thought and not as soft as the merino style though. I have no idea yet what I want to do with them.

My yummy yarn pyramid!!!
I was actually knitting a bag yesterday, planning to have it felted but I changed my mind after I knitted 10 rows. The yarn is too nice to use for felting project. It is so soft and I really think I should use it for something else. So I frogged it and decided to knit a cable lace pattern vest with it. Don't be shocked, the yarn that I mentioned is Patons classic merino. Cheap yarn but amazingly this one is very soft!!! It is creamy brown tweed yarn. This is the first time I knit with tweed yarn and also the first time I knit a cable garment!!! I knit it in round with 4.5mm circular needles. It will be a S, M size. Hopefully it will get in bigger size after stretching them abit in blocking process. I enjoy knitting this pattern very much so far! For the Jaeger petunia, I have worked the pattern to 13". 2 more inches to go then will work at the armhole part.

Very soft yarn and its kinda clumped together now and can't wait to block it!
John has to go to Scottsdale next week for work and I will go with him. We will drive up there. A long 18-hr drive. I probably will start knitting myself a pair of socks in the trip! Not a bad idea at all huh? hehe~