Thursday, March 15, 2007

Candy Sock
The Cable ??? is done! But I will only reveal it when Nina models it this weekend. Please be patient ya, very soon you will see it! It is gorgeous. So, what is on my needle now? I am knitting another tank and I have a brief idea for the pattern. Guess what, I am knitting sock again! Hmmm, yes, I should have completed the pomatomas and monkey before I started this new one. But but... I just cant resist to try out this sweet sock yarn. I bought this sock yarn from ebay with reasonable price. I called this Candy sock as its so colorful. Its just a simple stockinette sticth pattern.

Do you think this pattern looks like waffle?
My candy sock in progress... faster faster...

I am still at Plano, the trip to Scottsdale is postphoned to next week (most probably). I am quite excited about this long-drive trip. But the date is not confirmed yet due to the shipment of the computer BOX. blah~

Have I told you guys that I will fly home to Malaysia at the end of this month? I will go "home" for a month visit. My parents and my brother's birthday all fall on April so I will have some great time with them. I know Plano, TX should be called my HOME since I married here but deeply in myheart, Malaysia is always my beloved hometown. I miss Malaysia, I miss my family, I miss all my freinds... and I MISS THE FOOD!!!
And you know what, I bought myself a BEAN CURD dessert 豆腐花 last week when I went to the chinese market. It costs me 2usd and actually it quite tasty. But.. not as good as what I got from Cheras. I miss those days when I did my internship in hospital. Me and my colleagues used to go to this place to eat bean curd dessert at lunch time. It is soo smooth, hot and delicious!!! This dessert is made of soy bean. Very nutritious ingredient. We will add some syrup to eat with it. I believe the fact that you will have fair and smooth skin if you consume enough soybean. And if you drink soybean milk when you are pregnant, your baby will be like SNOW WHiTE, having very good skin. I really believe this, and I will definitely drink soybean milk when I get pregnant.

Smooth smooth delicious bean-curd dessert!

I bought two more wonderful knitting book this month. it is Favourite Socks 25 timeless designs from interweave and Knitting beyond the edge by Nicky Epstein. Those are great books. I strongly recommend them and I am thinking of getting Nicky Epstein's other book as well. You learn more in knitting over, on the edge. Many pretty patterns to play with. And need not to say much about the Favourite Socks, you definitely MUST own it if you love knitting socks. You will love it!!!