Friday, August 22, 2008

Sushi Lover!
I love Sushi and it is no secret to anyone who knows me but John has become a sushi lover as well under my influence. Well, he loves california roll, unagi roll and others cooked stuff. For sashimi, he still not very interested in it. He says raw fish tastes like cheese wiz... WTH? haha~
Anyway, those stores nowadays, have this sushi section which they made fresh sushi everyday. The Kroger nearby my house, has this asian lady employed as the Sushi chef. Well, at least she is in a chef costume and looks like she knows what she is doing! But the wal-mart at another corner of my house, they have mexicans to make the sushi. I would not say the sushi taste bad but its just funny to see them making sushi.
We tend to buy sushi quite often lately, especially when we have no idea what to eat for lunch. Sushi is just delicious and yummy! Can never ever got enough of it!