Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are You Quirky?
Before I talk about my own very special quirks and nuttiness, I would like you to spend few minutes to think about yours. If you can not think of any now, why not lay back and read this article from Reader's Digest, "Are You Normal or Nuts?".

It is really a fun article to read and I am shocked to find out others' nuttiness. I swear my hubby will cry out for joy if I behaved like one of the readers. She has to use things until they wear out before getting new ones. She spent entirely seven years to use up her 14 bottles of nail polish before she gets any new one. And she would not even get a new pair of sandals just because her old ones are not completely worn out yet. That is abnormal I can tell you. And no way I have to finish using my old cosmetic only I can buy new ones.

There is not a hard task to tell you all about my nuttiness. I can quickly pick two out right now. I love to sum up the number on the car number plate. Whenever I am on the road, and I am not driving, I will always look at other cars' number plate and add up the number. I started having this weird habit while I was 8 I guess. I always having fun doing that. Therefore, I can always sum up number pretty quick.

Another quirk of mine is, I can non-stop listening to a same song when I am so in love with it. I gotta admit that I am nuts. I can listen to the same song like more than 50 times a day. My family members complain about it badly when they are in my car. Sorry, just can't help.

So are you ready to share your nuttiness with me?
Are you Normal or Nuts? So I can have a good laugh out of it as well.

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