Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Milwaukee Trip
I come back from my Milwaukee trip for about 3 weeks and I haven't even posted anything about this trip. It was more like a family gathering event to me. I had great time meeting John's other family members and visited to the places that my parent in laws grew up and lived. Milwaukee is such a pretty city. They have river in the city, they have beaches, pretty parks and bike trails. A very lovely and lively city that you can do many intereting stuffs.

During this trip, we were well fed by them with many delicious home made mexican food. Another highlight of this Milwaukee trip is... the Leon's frozen custard!!! Oh My God!!! They are sooo freaking yummy and tasty. I ate 3 times with in the few days trip. I firstly tried their chocolate flavour and I have to say it tasted sooo heavenly great. The second and the third time, I just totally fallen in love with their butter pecan. Aaaahhhh, pulling my hair now and looking up the ceiling, asking WHY??? Why Leon's is only in Milwaukee? And Why Milwaukee is that far away??? My god... imagine... if its distant was like between KL and Melaka (around 2 hours?), I think I will be driving up there just to eat this frozen custard. I am serious ok?! They are super yummy!

This is the Leon's... they have heavenly good frozen custard

Thats my favourite butter pecan... I WANT SOME NOW!!!

Kevin and Linda's lovely house. Very pretty and cozy house.

A sail shape museum or something. Look at the sky. It's soo foggy.

Besides delicious food and quality time spent with family, we visited to the Basilica Holy Hill which is located like an hour away from Milwaukee city. A very pretty Catholic church. There was some construction going on thats why we couldn't go up to the tower. Anyway, the church interior is breath taking. I love those stain glasses. Very impressive. It reminds me those churches I have seen in Europe.

The night before we left, we had a boat ride in the city. A very nice and relaxing boat ride. In fact, the temperature got to 63F, its kinda chilling. Milwaukee city was very pretty at night, with those lights on at all the buildings. Also, those river side condominium or apartment are soo nice. You just wish you could own one there. Bad John din't join us for the boat ride. He said he already had one last year.

EXCEPT the super long, super exausted road trip, everything else was perfect. I enjoyed my trip and the time I spent with my family. Also, I am glad that I get to see more and know more about this country. As planned earlier, John was supposed to go Arizona last week and he actually wanted to drive up there (another 18hrs road trip K!!!?). Luckily the business trip cancelled and I can stay at home and watch Olympic. By the way, I am going to Shreveport next Wednesday. A short 2 days get away with John and my parent in laws. What to do in Shreveport? Alcohol and gamble my friends!!! It is time to get back to facebook Texas Hold'em table and practise. Oh ya, there are more random pictures taken in the trip to share with everyone. hehe!