Wednesday, August 13, 2008

After 1 and half years...

I bought this piggy bank at Feb of year 2007. After 1 and half year, I almost have it filled up. It is time to dig out the coins and bank in to my account. I can't remember when was the last time I counted coins that I saved up in a piggy bank so I am quite excited about this little saving.

There are two things in my wish list now and that will be nice if all the coins that my piggy carries are sufficient to purchase one of them. So... how much do you think I have saved up all these time?! The result is satisfying!!! I have freaking 47 dollars!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Well, I can buy a Benefit Posie tint with it! yeah!!! =) Posie tint costs 28usd. Another item that in my wish list is the Bobbi Brown Mauve Palette which costs 55usd. At this moment, I think I will get the Posie tint only. And the rest of the money can treat John a nice lunch in Uncle Lee. At the same time, I started feeding my piggy bank again! Yeah!!!

We had a relaxing weekend. Just stayed at home worked on my craft room and watched Olympic games. The opening ceremony breath taking and I am real proud of China and everyone who involves in it. Also, I have so much fun watching Michael Phelps breaking the record again and again. How amazing this kid is? My god!!! He is a FISH!!! A cute one definitely! =)

I made some fried rice last night for dinner and it was fantastic. Are you hungry? =) And you know what? We have rains these 2 days and I am totally loving it! I think we will have another two days of rain? I really don't mind any raining.

Another 16days, I will be flying back to Malaysia for my vacation! Woo Hoo! I am soo busy knitting everyday. I have to finish this order before I leave. Gam ba teh Neh!!!