Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Another Day...

Who will not love swidish meatball? Definitely not me nor John. We had that for dinner last night and they were sooo yummy. It was a 20mins prepared meal. I made some mash potato to go with it. Beef gravy + meatballs + mash potatoes... a perfect combination there! Yum Yum!

Today is Wednesday. No special plan until I came home from lunch with John. I wanted a pedicure badly. I told John I will go for one then I left the house and wandering around my area to find THE nail shop. I know there are at least 3 at my area here. I had no luck for the first 2 places I hopped in. They were fully booking with appointments but I am very satisfied with the third place I went, which is the nail shop that did my pedicure today.

Friendly polite workers, good skills and reasonable price. I really like this nail place. Definitely definitely will go back there again. I was totally in the heaven. I picked a very summer PINK and it turned out real nice! Aaaahhh... the feet and legs massage with warm river stones, I LOVE it!!! Then I dipped my feet in the hot wax as the final finishing. Wow!!! The aromatic oil that mixed in the wax smells soo good. My feet are smooth, toe nails are nicely shape and coloured. I am so looking forward to my next visit to this nail place. =)

Around 7 in the evening, it rained for a real short while. I need some rainning to kick away the terrible heat. The sky was soo rusty orangie color after the rain. I went to the front yard and snapped some pictures randomly. Oh! There I saw a pretty rainbow in the sky. I love rainbow. It never fails to cheer me up when I see one. I also snapped a picture of a plane flew by the rainbow!!! Wondered if the passenger up in flight saw the rainbow? I bet will be prettier right?!

That's my very old rusty mailbox.
Indeed, it is very Texas cowboy feel, don't you think so?