Sunday, August 03, 2008

Asian Food! I love love love
We always have better meal at weekend. This weekend is not exceptional. We had lunch at Sushi Sake at Friday with Mike and Gloria. No picture was taken as I already showed TWICE the food I ate there. For dinner, we went to Uncle Lee (Lion City Cafe). We ordered ourselves a Hainamese Chicken and Brinjal Fish Fillet. They are soo delicious. Honestly, I can have those for three times a week and I won't complain about it. John loves them as much as I do. I brought my camera along to take some picture. They might not look very tasty in the picture but believe me, they TASTE fantastic.

Saturday, we had lunch at a Vietnamese cafe. Well, it was very awkward for me to order a Fried Pad Thai Chicken in a Vietnamese cafe I know. But it tastes very good. I wanted it to be cooked extra spicy and hot. Sometimes, I just have to stimulate and satisfy my taste buds. Thumbs up for this Pad Thai.

Saturday night, as usual... I always make myself a mix drink. Tonight, I had a glass of malibu pineapple. Yum Yum!!! Also, I watched 2 movies tonight. First one was a HongKong made movie, by Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung " 花样年华". Very good movie I enjoyed it. I watched this alone on my laptop. The 2nd movie of the night is "Shutter", a scary movie. Well, I would say this is much better than those zombie movies I had watched lately. The story line is predictable and it is kinda slow too. But the actor and actress did a above average job in this movie. It is definitely better than "The Pulse", "Grudge 2" ......

How is your weekend so far? Mine one is alright. I tend to get headache and gastric easily lately and it just frustrates me more than I can say. I have been pushing myself to knit more and more and more but honestly I am so easily get distracted by EVERYTHING, either something on the TV, my MSN or my bed... I am helplessly LAZY!