Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Combo Fajitas + Peru Liquor + Dao Sa Beng

El Norte is a very good Mexican restaurant which is very nearby my house. They have All-you-can-eat Fajitas at every Monday night. Also, with the price of 2.50usd, you can get a glass of house margarita. I love their Fajitas and aslo the chicken quesadilla. Anyway, last Monday, John and I had all-you-can-eat fajitas there. I ordered a beef & shrimp combo and John got himself a beef fajitas. They charge 3 dollars more for this Monday all-you-can-eat Fajitas and the portion definitely is bigger than normal. So, I did not get my second plate. In fact,I threw few shrimps to John's plate and made him finish it. I did not order any Margarita tha because I always have a headache after having margarita drinks in El Norte. I think its due to the tequilla they use. I am very sure I don't have any problem with Patron though. =)

Talk about liquor, I have to tell you all about my experience drinking a Peru liquor that Michelle got us. She and her boyfriend went to Peru for vacation and she got us a bottle of Peru liquor with 43% alcohol. A small bottle of liquor mix syrup was come with the liquor as well. Last Sunday, I followed the instruction at the bottle and made one for myself. Gosh, it was soo strong. I think I only manage to take three sips of it and I gotta pour them into the sink. It was hard to drink, and it burned my throat. If you need something to get drunk, this is definitely what you should take! hehe!

I went to Uncle Lee's few days ago and they were selling Dao Sa Beng, which is the red bean biscuit. I heart red bean paste very much and its such a long time I don't have any Dao Sa Beng so I bought one for myself. Ahh, thinking of Dao Sa, it reminds me the Dao Sa Bao, and Dao Sa mooncake. Well, soon enough I will be home to EAT them all. YEAH!!! Sorry, I am a typical Malaysian who always talk about food and think about food, of course also LOVE TO EAT. I will go everywhere with my canon G6 in this coming vacation and take picture of all the food I eat.

I would like to thank my hubby, my family and my friends here as they bear with my weird habit (or they are FORCED to take it) which is TAKING PICTURE OF THE FOOD all the time. Love you all for your patient!!! =)