Thursday, August 30, 2007

Coke zero - less is more!
Have you tried Coke zero yet? It tastes very very similar to regular coke! The most exciting thing is, it is zero sugar, zero calories!!! If you are determined to cut down your sugar intake, this is a good replacement to your regular sodas!

Coke zero has this interesting and fun campaign, "Life as it should be" on the internet. Coke has found some old film clips and you have the chance to become the director, write “the conversation” to your own clip and say what ever you want, manipulate the clip with an easy voice recorder. You can email the clips to your friends and afterwards your movie will competes with other movies to be the highest rated.

Grab a Coke zero now, have fun in "Life as it should be" online and enjoy the Real taste of Coke zero!