Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Virus Please!
John always reminds and warns me not to download files from internet sites, especially those sites which I seldom visit. I really don't want to have any virus invasion ANYMORE because I have plenty such bad experiences before. Not only that I could not access to internet, I had to format my computer before I even had the chance to save all my important precious files. You all have the idea how frustrating this could be! S0 after experiencing all these lessons, I always make sure I have my antivirus program running properly. We all know, some antivirus softwares in the market costs us pretty good bucks but I try to look for free Antivirus program seriously before I have to spend my hard-earn money to get one!

Fortunately, at, I managed to download the free Norton Antivirus software from Google, which is a reliable source everyone knows. With this program, all the viruses, worms would be scanned and removed from my computer. Besides that, John also downloaded and installed the Spyware Doctor for me, which he claims it will protect against the spyware while I surf.

I really wish my computer would be in great peace and protection for real real long time. No spyware no virus please!!! Hey ladies, make sure you all install these free softwares too before any bad virus invades into your territory!

**this is a paid post**