Sunday, September 02, 2007

Swiss Army Knifes
I have two Swiss Army Knife. The first one, is a small one, in white color, I bought it for myself in Lucerne Switzerland when I had my Europe tour. In that trip, I bought another two bigger one, with more function features, for John and also my dearest brother. That time, the white and black can only be purchased in Switzerland, so they were very special gift ideas. I also had gift recipients name engraved on the swiss army knifes. My second swiss army knife, is a gift from Choi, my very close friend. He got me a big one this time, in white color as well, with my name engraved on it.

Swiss Army Knife is always good gift ideas and now, you can get one at internet gift market. Swiss Army Knifes is their new vendor and all the products are added to this gift market. With their wide range of product series, you can choose something you like.

Swiss army pocket knife is not just a knife nowadays. Designers have made them into multi-function tools which is not only containing blades, scissors, but also thumb drive, microlight and different body color designs and shape. How cool is that!

If you are always in hassle thinking of fathers day gift ideas, mothers day gift ideas or birthday gift ideas for someone special, then swiss army knife definitely something for you. You know what, swiss army knifes are also very ideal as corporate gift ideas too. I am very sure everyone would wish to own at least one swiss army knife! It can be so handy and make your life easy in some unpredictable scenario!

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