Monday, August 27, 2007

Yippee Yippee! Yarn Arrived!
Today is Monday, yup! Today is 27th Aug, yup! Any special occasion for today? Not really! But... I have waited for this day quite some times! Why? Because... our (me and Lily) yarn orders arrive today!!!!!! Soooo excited man! UPS delivery guy was nice enough, knocked so hard on my door to inform me that somethings there for me! I grabbed the two boxes and rushed in to my house, within a minute, all these beautiful yarn were revealed right in front of my eyes!

I frowned right after I saw the Jaeger Baby Merino 4 ply Mint... hmmm... the color is abit off from what I saw online though... then I frowned again when I saw the Ella Rae, something wrong with the color too! Damn, why the colors are different??? I even checked on the receipt to make sure they picked the right yarn for me!!! Well, thats exactly what I ordered! Its just hard to believe, so I went to the website and look at the yarn color online... hmmm... Sigh, I will love them more, I will love them more (brainwashing hardly).

At least Crystal Palace Baby Georgia is yummy!!! They are in my favourite magenta. Look familiar? Yeah, I bought some Jeager Sienna back then in this similar colour too! Good deal for this yarn!!! Lily, want to get some more? hahaha~ *wink wink devilishly*

Ok, now is yarn description for Lily!!! Lady, your yarn is gorgeous and yummy!!! Needless to say much about Sienna ok? And the Debbie Bliss Cathay you ordered, really really look very fantastic!!! Look at the photo and let them speak to you lah! Be patient ya, they will come to your arms eventually! *sabar ya*