Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Black Friday shopping
I know about Boxing day when I studied in Scotland. Boxing day falls on the day after Christmas. People will get so crazy, queuing up in front of the shops in the real early morning to buy good discounted items. I remember most of my girl friends did get some good deal on some branded handbag.

When I had my first Christmas in the states two years ago, I thought I could shop crazily the next day. Who knows, I found out that Boxing day is only a traditional event in UK or some commonwealth country. In the states, they do have a day like this, and it is called Black Friday. It is a day after the Thanksgiving.

Since I have missed Black Friday for the past two years, this year I will make sure I wont miss it again. Not only I won't miss it, I will actually shop smart and get most of the good deal I want. How? It's not hard at all! Black-Friday.net is here to give you all the best thanksgiving deals.

Yes, you can purchase black friday items online without the hassle of having to stand in line at the store at 5am and still be able to save money when shopping gifts for coming Christmas by buying items online during Black Friday.

Another good service black-friday.net offer is, email alerts will be sent to you when new black friday ads have been posted, so you will be kept updated with the best thanksgiving deals they have. I am so excited to find out JoAnn Fabrics ad is in black-friday.net as well! I bet I could get some good deal discounted craft kits and photo frame from JoAnn Fabrics at this black friday!

**this is a paid post**