Friday, August 03, 2007

Surprise graduation gift for Rachel
If you still remember, I have mentioned about knitting someone a surprise gift. Thats the reason why I did not post any picture or progress of that project. I have knitted Rachel a sweater.

Rachel is someone I knew when I was 18 in high school, and she was 13 that time. I knew her through some male classmates because they stayed in the hostel that time. It happened to be, she is actually the daughter of my mom's primary school classmates. That means, we come from a same hometown. Honestly, the first impression she gave me was not very good. Haha~ I thought she is just another young teenage girl who like to hang out with older guys to get more attention. Ended up, thats totally wrong and not true! She is a hard working sweet friendly girl who gets along well with everyone. We don't really see each other that much since I left high school a year after I knew her but we did meet up at some friends gathering or talked on the phone once a while. You just know, there are some special friends in your life, that you don't have to see them very often but then you still feel very very close to them even separated years. Rachel is a friend like that!

Time flies, I know Rachel for almost 10 years. ( * Ahem *you should know how old I am if you can count!) and this little girl finally graduates. She get a good second upper grade in quantity survey at Newcastle. I just have the feeling that I watch her growing up all these years so I wanted to give her something special for her graduation. As a knitter, there is nothing can be more special than a handknit gift right? So, I picked out a pattern from garnstudio and knitted her this sweater with the Patons classic wool merino I have.

Rachel is quite petite and I really think this pattern will show her feminine figure good. I din't follow the pattern entirely and AGAIN I added cable pattern on the sleeves. She took a picture of herself in it once she received this surprise as this is the request I wrote on the card. She looks so lovely and nice in the sweater. Look at her, she is a lovely lady now. I hope this sweater will bring her good luck to get a job from the previous interview. If not a job, it should bring her luck to get a boyfriend as soon as possible!

Congratulations Rachel! Many many best wishes and loves from me!