Friday, August 03, 2007

Gift list on the way
I talked to a close friend on phone yesterday who stays in UK, we had this conversation about how fast time flies and almost 3/4 yr is gone. Since we both are knitters, we also talked about what projects that we are going to knit as gift for our relatives. This year, I don't think I can make a lot since I will be away before the Halloween and Thanksgiving for my wedding banquet at Malaysia and I will only come back like 2 weeks before Christmas. I just realized, it is really the time to start preparing the gift list for everybody before I got too busy with my wedding stuff.

I know I won't have any problem to get everybody's gift as they will email me their wish list but there is this ONE person that I find it very hard to please. Even though he does not request any specific gift from me as I am only a stay-at home wife with no income now, still I wish to get him something special for this coming Christmas. By now, you should know the ONE I mentioned is actually my DH.

Since I can't drive and have not many friends yet, I think I can only surprise him by purchasing his gifts online. To be a smart consumer as always, I definitely will use online coupons to complete this mission. I actually have some ideas of what to get for him. My DH is a BestBuy fan. He gets most of his games, electronics here. I am thinking of getting him a flat screen monitor as he is been wanting this badly for some times. Also, he has to repair and paint the garage. Definitely he will need some tools and paints from HomeDepot
. I will try to find out what tools he needs and buy him some. With the great discounts and free shipping service, I am definitely more than willing to use online coupons for all kind of purchase.

A kind reminder for you all, festive seasons are just around the corner, it is really the time to prepare the gift list and make sure we all spend money wisely on this! And also, my dear knitter buddies, turn on your turbo button and speed up your knitting if you have many Christmas knitting project on hands, time flies!!!