Monday, August 06, 2007

Quick peek on Bella
I have finally finished the Bella 2 days ago and it turned out very good. I actually took apart the sleeves, frogged the neckline and re-did the shoulder to get the desired outcome. I would say, I am very very happy with this top. From the design till its finish.

I seldom get satisfied with my sleeves seaming skill but this time I am very impressed. I guess I finally got the RIGHT WAY of doing it. So happy! To share my excitement and happiness, I let you all have a peek on my Bella, its sleeves, shoulder, waistline, cable and ribbing. I will make one for myself with Patons Grace cotton and take some better picture of Bella later then. Please stay tuned until the pretty Bella reveals ok?

I have been working few cable projects lately if you have noticed and without any surprise, I am knitting a cable lacey scarf right now, for coming autumn. Scarf is always the good project for knitting beginner. I remember there were like tons of scarves I have knitted when I was in Scotland. I knitted for myself, John, room mates... and I taught some girls from my class to knit as well. They would come to my dorm with yarn and needles, all sat in the living room, working so hard on their scarves and ALL those scarves were actually knitted for their boyfriends! You won't blame me if I say this is one of the common reasons to get someone start knitting! Well, at least I am one of them! haha~ Hmmm... back to the scarf I am knitting now. It is a light weight wool scarf. I use Brown Sheep Nature Spun in grey. It is already 22" long with 2/3 ball of yarn used. I guess I can finish the whole scarf with 1.5 ball of yarn. Just can't wait to block it.

And the last picture... haha~ You might think its disgusting? Those are cherry seeds! I popped and ate allll those delicious cherry when I was watching my HongKong drama. What a nice night alone all by myself while John was away to work till midnight. I love cherry!