Thursday, August 09, 2007

Psoriasis Treatment in Blue Lagoon
I obtained my Pharmacy degree in Strathclyde, Scotland 5 years ago. After then, I have practiced my professions in hospital and also retail pharmacy. I always had close contact with community patients and customers. Therefore, I am very familiar with the medications of certain diseases. Among all the cases, I would tell you the skin disease and its medication interest me the most! Maybe I am the victim of ezcema since I was 3 that why I am always interested in skin disease and treatment.

Besides ezcema, another common skin disease that I came across is psoriasis. Do you know what psoriasis is? To tell you briefly, psoriasis is caused by skin inflammation, forming red scaly patches with excessive skin production but it is not contagious. There are no specific fact to trigger this disease and it can mainly due to stress, over alcohol consumption.

One of my uni-classmates forwarded me an email about Blue Lagoon. At first, I thought, WoW.. is it a new water park in Iceland? Who knows, I was wrong. Blue Lagoon is actually a clinic for psoriasis. After looking at this site, I couldn't help and WOW again.

Blue Lagoon - Clinic has the unspoiled natural environment, fresh air and pure Icelandic water which are important for psoriasis treatment. The treatment day begins with a refreshing shower and use of Blue Lagoon algae and mineral shower gel. Guests then bathe in the 38-41°C geothermal seawater in a lagoon reserved exclusively for treatment guests. Blue Lagoon silica holds an important role in the psoriasis treatment. It deep-cleanses the skin, exfoliates, stimulates blood circulation, and adds to general well being. After bathing guests shower, dry the skin and apply Blue Lagoon skincare products, based on a unique blend of minerals. UVB light therapy using modern light equipments is offered. Special lights for hand and feet are available and a light comb, which is a convenient option for people with scalp psoriasis. Most treatment guests use light therapy simultaneous with the Blue Lagoon treatment.

I am so amazed with the treatment for psoriasis in Blue Lagoon. After seeing some pictures of the environment at Blue Lagoon - Clinic. I tell myself, I don't think this place is just only a great psoriasis clinic, but it looks FINE as a recreation resort! Imagine, a psoriasis clinic which looks like a heavenly resort in Iceland? I am pretty sure the treatment does work!

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