Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Click Through Rate on Sponsored Posts
I think most of you already knew I joined PayPerPost like a month ago. While I am trying my best to find out more about PPP, I read this very interesting yet informative articles which I would like spread the words and share with you all, especially to the newbies just joined PPP. I won't doubt that actually there are many people out there wonder how many readers in blogging world would click through on those sponsored posts and it seems like most of us assume that the click through rate would be significantly low. But after reading this article, you will totally have a new concept on Click Through Rate (CTR) on sponsored posts.

PayPerPost recently concluded a study on the click through rates (CTR) of sponsored posts and the results are amazing. These reliable data are collected from over 40k bloggers and 8k advertisers. So the truth is that not only do people click on PPP sponsored posts, on average they click through at a higher rate than any other media of. 10.545% average ctr to be exact. This means, sponsored posts would successfully deliver more traffic not only to bloggers' sites but also the advertisers'.

With this significant study results, undeniably the confidence within bloggers and advertisers at PPP increase tremendously.