Monday, August 13, 2007

I need a Garage Makeover
Have you been to any garage sales? If you were an American, or been staying in the states for some times, I don't think this is something new for you. But for me, honestly, I haven't gone to any yet. And one thing, I don't think I will have any garage sales held any sooner at my garage! The reason is very simple one, my garage is a total mess! Trust me, I complain so much about the garage and I really wish my DH can do something about it.

The tools, boxes, equipments, machines, oils, paints are just everywhere. How much I wish I can have a well organized garage one day. But I know, to have an organized garage, I firstly need is to have a garage storage cabinets. Look at this one, it is just the perfect cabinets I desire. It is not too big and it has the right volume to store up most of the tools, also it does not cost a fortune. This cabinet sets composed of three main pieces, which are the three drawer base garage cabinet, two door garage cabinet with one fixed and three adjustable shelves, two door hanging garage cabinet with one adjustable shelf. I really really think this will work best in our garage.

Its time to discuss this issue with DH seriously and say bye-bye to my messy garage!

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