Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Better get back to it
After completing my FBS, I am actually busy crochetting a nice sweater currently! This sweet sweater is composed by 4 different small patterns which are flowers, leaves, fern type of shape! I have to make lots of them... then sew them together... and only crochet the edge of the whole sweater in lace pattern! I got this pattern from a japanese crochet magazine and I will post the picture up here when i snap some pics of it! You will fall in love with it once you see it! The yarn shop owner told me it takes so much time and effort to complete this project and I should really think twice before i START it! I really really like it so much, therefore I bought some cotton crochet yarn and started this project. hehe... And honestly I keep this strong MIND in my brain to urge myself to complete it as soon as possible! So far the progress is still OK, Its lucky that I am able to knit/crochet in my new job as well ! haha..
At the same time, my brother is complaining about how bad a sister i am as I totally stop knitting his SIMPLY BLACK for some times. Please forgive me dear bro, you really have no idea how boring that black sweater is! But there is only 2 sleeves to go, so I put my crochet project aside, and get back to the blackie sweater this evening! hopefully I can complete it by this weekend and he is able to wear it next week! =)
One good news to share here... John and I finally receive another email fomr USCIS informing us that my K3 visa is approved and a letter is now sent to Johns. Well, I know that will take some times for me to get further details n instruction to deal with the local embassy here! At least, I know I am going back to states soon. Can you believe that I been back here for almost 8 months? Yes, I am apart from my newly wedded hubby for 8 months! That sucks! But, I start feeling reluctant to leave my sweet homeland Malaysia, especially my dearest parents and brother! For love, I have married this man who is sooo far away from my own country, and I am ready to start my new life there with him. And deep inside my heart, I wish i can do more for my parents, my family. I want them to live happily! I can imagine how badly I cry when i leave them in airport... buckets and buckets of tears.. oh dear!
Papa, mama and sei lou... I always love you! THanks for the sincere wishes and the faith in me. This makes me stronger and go further! Again, I love you all!