Thursday, February 05, 2009

Save Energy!
I wonder, How Much Energy Does a regular household use every month? I only have two person in my household and most of the time we try to use the energy wisely so we don't have to have a heart attack when the bill comes.

When John is at home, the TV is definitely on. I am not a big TV fans over all, therefore the TV is in rest mode when John is at work. I don't know how much energy that will actually save up but I try. Also, I only wash dishes or clothes when I have a full load. I will hand wash the dishes if there are just few. Anyway, that is not a big fuss for me since I grow up at Malaysia and a dish washer is not common back home.

During summer, I will try not to turn on the air conditioner before 3 or 4 afternoon. I hate summer heat but I always be aware of the energy use. One thing, I can't sleep in hot temperature at night. That is why, I rather be suffer over the heat in the afternoon, than having my whole body sweats all over at night.

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