Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Nice Escape to Branson
Jenny lives at Chicago and she has been complaining about the cold weather so much to me. I have never been to Chicago but I know how cold and how much snow they could get up there. We talked on the phone again last night and she told me excitedly about her coming trip to Branson next month. Branson is located in Missouri and Jenny's husband got themselves a 3 days 2 nights Hilton Branson Escape Package.

Before I checked out more about Hilton Branson hotel, I went to the official site of Branson. Branson is an interesting place and I wish I could visit there one day. I want to go to the Dinosaur museum and Titanic Museum. These two attractions get very good rating overall. There is a Third Annual Ice Carving going on now and that is really something that I want to see! I bet Jenny will not miss this event.

The package that Jenny gets is really a good deal. Can you believe that staying at Hilton Branson hotel, a deluxe accommodations and it only costs $79.00 a night? It also comes with a complimentary movie and drinks for two and also breakfast! I am now jealous of Jenny! I might not need an escape from the winter but a nice weekend getaway is definitely nice! For those who need an escape from your boring lives, you probably should have a vacation to Branson! Book your stay now between 5th and 8th in February at Hilton Branson hotel for just $79.00 per night!