Thursday, February 05, 2009

Celebration Month!
I turned 29 on 3rd February and I told hubby that I want to celebrate my birthday for the whole February since this is my LAST twenties... time flies... I still remember how badly I wanted to be 10 years old when I was 8, and also how much fun I had when I was 18 - 22... and now, I am 29...

ANYWAY!!! I had a great birthday because I got many nice and warm birthday wishes from my family and friends. You gotta thank Facebook very much because all my buddies back home manage to leave me some lovely birthday wishes. Also, million thanks for those who sms me like, 6 or 7am in the morning hahahaha~

John got me a gift card from Woolie ewe and that is very thoughtful of him. I went to Woolie ewe yesterday and bought myself 2 skein of sock yarn. I will tell more about this in the coming post. Before I went to Woolie Ewe, I tried out a Taiwan Cafe which is located nearby my house.

I ordered a bowl of noodle 麻辣面, pan fried dumpling 窝贴, and salted fried chicken 盐酥鸡. I knew for sure I couldn't finish everything but I wanted to try them. I would say only the noodle is alright, the dumpling and chicken are kinda disappointing. Most likely I will go back for their noodles but not the appetizers.

Since it is my birthday celebration month, I will try to spoil myself more than ever. Oh ya, I just ordered some magazine from Phildar, some yarns from littleknits. I want more yarn! =)