Monday, February 02, 2009


This sweater meant to be a Christmas gift for my MIL but I did not finish it in time. Finally, it was last week and I gave it to my MIL on SuperBowl day. haha~

About 6 and half balls of yarn was used. I used RY Cashsoft 4ply for this project and I have to say this yarn is sooooo soft and comfy. The pattern of the sweater is from Phildar magazine, HIVER 06/07, 10 Placement De Torsades. There are numbers of members in Ravelry had knitted this sweater and they all look awesome. I bought some seashell square beads from Michael and I sew them up around the yoke. I love the final touch of those beads on the sweater and my MIL likes this sweater too. She put it on last night when we were over and the sweater fits her very well.

I am currently working on a Japanese magazine long sleeves top for my mom. My mom picked this pattern when I was in Malaysia last September. I am now half way at the back piece. I will take some pictures and show everybody here in the next post.