Friday, February 06, 2009

Safe Game Zone for Kids
Games are really a big part for most of the kids' lives nowadays. Even my hubby, he indulges himself very much in game at least two hours everyday. Honestly, I try my best to make him get away from his PC game but I bet the saying is right, it is hard to teach an old dog new trick.
When I have kids, I will definitely be very strict with their game options and habits. Firstly, I have to make sure that they are focus and responsible on their school work. The results say it all, if they are not academically on track, then they do not deserve to play any game. Also, I will make sure that they play the appropriate games. There are too many violent or pornographic games around which parents definitely need to filter out.

Talking about safe games for kids, there is a kids zone at which is a safe game zone for kids. I heard about this site several times as my friend suggested some online games some times ago. I played some online games before and I think they are amazingly exciting and fun.

I personally like the Dragons Krystal Warrior pretty much. The graphic is alright and the game itself is not too hard to handle. I am never a big gamer but a simple game like this is simply entertaining. To make sure your kids are playing the save appropriate games, you can log in to the MEGA Brands Kids Zone.