Friday, February 06, 2009

Apple Pie... watery

It was like 9pm and we all were craving for an apple pie. I looked up some apple pie recipe online and decided that I was gonna make one! I grabbed my car key real quick and went to the nearby Kroger to get the pie crust.

The recipe I used was from Pillsburry. It is easy to follow. I hate peeling and cutting the apple but I don't think I have a choice. 45 minutes baking in the oven and ta da, it was done!!!

It smell very good and it looked good too... but... when I cut it, it was way too watery inside. Aiks... what did I do wrong? I totally followed the recipe. I went online and try to look for the reason! Alright... the problem was... the APPLES that I used. I think the apples that I used release too much water. Aiks...

Well, the pie crust was perfectly delicious. The baked apple was actually tasty as well, but just too watery. Next time, I will use granny-smith apples then! Lesson learnt!