Monday, January 19, 2009

Braised Pork and Sesame Sweet Chicken

I have cooked some real delicious meals for the last 2 weeks. That was not the first time I cooked braised pork, I got this recipe from a forum and luckily I still managed to find that forum after 8 months I did not log in at all. I think I put too much dark soy sauce this time therefore the pork looked too dark. haha but I think they still tasted very nice!!!

2nd dish is a recipe from Shirley. A very easy chicken dish to make and they taste fantastic! I overcooked the syrup sauce for 2 seconds I guess and there was abit of burnt taste in it. I will definitely make this again and they are really good!!!

Well, I will cook these 2 meals for this year CNY reunion dinner for my family at my parent in laws. I will also make some friend rice, dumpling, fish and vegetable!!! Happy Chinese New Year!