Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dior 5-Color Iridescent Eyeshadow - Sky Glow

I really think I need to stop buying other eyeshadow or mascara or lipstick just to save up the money for either Dior or Chanel eyeshadow. They are really NICE!!! So silky to put on! I tried the new dior palette that Shirley got me and I have to say for sure that will not be my only or last eyeshadow from Dior. I have been eyeballing on other color eyeshadow palettes as I really really satisfied with their quality.

Well, economy is real bad and I am jobless. I have been thinking twice, more than twice on cosmetic spending lately. My piggy bank is half way full I guess. I need to look up all the coins in the house and feed my piggy bank well! Who knows, maybe I can get something for myself using that money on Valentine day~ Weeeee~