Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Cold Afternoon...
John went in to work today and I spent a good whole day cleaning up the house, washing clothes, folding clothes. I know for sure that I get to do more when John is away at work. Not that I complain or dislike him working at home, but sometimes it will be nice that I can have the whole house for myself.

I went to the nearest 7-11 to withdraw money in the afternoon. Well, I just know that you don't get any additional charge withdrawing money from any ATM at 7-11. I was quite mad at John as he told me this THAT late. I used to withdraw money from Krogers or any nearby bank ATMs and those leech suckers always charge me 2-3usd per transaction. Imagine one months, you averagely have to withdraw money for about 4 times and here your 10 - 12usd dollars been deducted from your account. 12usd can get me 2 big balls of Paton Merino wool - 360m of yarn!!!

Anyway, weather was very cold and windy, it was around 36F. After withdrawing money, I drove to the Starbuck and got myself a cup of hot honey chai tea latte and also a piece of banana nut coffee cake. I had them to go. When I reached home, John was already home too.

I walked in to my craftroom with my hot drinks and the cake. I love a nice afternoon like this, drinking hot tea, eating a nice yummy small cake and looking at all the yarn I got! haha~ Sometimes, simple things like that can make my day! Just neglect those worries and put them aside! Chill~

I spent less then 15usd to purchase 3 big skein of lion brand fishermen wool which each ball contains 425m of yarn. That is really a great deal. Three 50% coupons save up alot for me and I have to say I love it! I got John orders the Sunday newspaper so I can start collecting coupons and buy cheaper stuff! I really like this fishermen yarn and I think they are good enough to make a nice, soft and warm sweater.