Thursday, July 03, 2008

He Writes Blog as well
Glenn Beck is a political satire comedian and his name and show were mentioned in my previous post. Have you all checked out his website yet? You probably should because those available feature videos are very entertaining.

I also found out that Glenn Beck actually blogs as well. You can click in to his blog through his website. I have just read his latest post about his last trip watching a movie in a theatre. He commented about the food the people nowadays eat in theathre. I totally agree with his point of view. He observed there were few women eating salad in the theatre, I mean, those type of salad which bought from outside fastfood store. Come on, I really think the only food you should eat in the theatre is pop corn and candy. That can be annoying when people start buying and sneaking in different kind of fast food into the theatre.

By the way, Glenn Beck is having his summer political tour right now and the Dallas show will be on at 17th July. This show will be broadcasted nationally to select movie theaters nationwide.

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