Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can I Pick Up Another Hobby?
Diana does stained glass. She made two really pretty orchid mosaic stained glass for her bathroom. I always wish to learn doing this and finally last weekend, I had my hands on making my first ever stained glass with John. John loves it and so do I. We actually plan to get the whole set of tools and start making some stained glasses.

Before I showed you all about my stained glass making journey, I have to show you the wonderful pieces that made by Diana. I really love the orchid flower piece. Hey, green and purple? They never go wrong together! The picture does not show the "real face" of the glass because it was sunset time. I promise I will take one when the sun is still sky high next time ok?

Before we started making stained glass, we visited to a stained glass shop nearby and picked up some tools and glasses. I picked a piece of Apple GREEN glass. hehe~ yup, I love green!

Basically, making stained glass really involves many different steps. From drawing the plan on a piece of paper, cutting the glasses into pieces in desired shape, wrapping the glass edges with copper foil, gathering all the pieces together (jigzaw puzzle part), then seal them with solder. I burnt myself few times. Ouch!

I love my first ever stained glass! Woo.. So pretty my stained glass. John and I really enjoyed making the stained glass. It was a beautiful Saturday, and there was a part we all sat at the back yard, near the swimming pool and worked on the glasses. I can see ourselves picking up this as our hobby, something that we can do together. I am looking forward definitely!